List of All News

18th Feb 2020
Office hours for the new semester announced.
15th Feb 2020
New topics for arcade gamers - Multi-Pacman Path Planning (MPPP) and Adversarial Multi-Pacman Planning (AMPP)
26th Jan 2020
Supplementary material for the IJCAI 2019 and AI*IA 2019 papers is on-line
25th Jan 2020
A paper on mutex reasoning in MAPF (jointly with Han Zhang, Jiaoyang Li, Sven Koening, and T. K. Satish Kumar) accepted to ICAPS 2020.
21st Dec 2019
New records in the publications list (ICAART 2019 Selected and AI*IA 2019).
20th Dec 2019
The Intelligent Agents Research Group regrouped - new members.
20th Dec 2019
New students working on artificial intelligence topics under my supervision.
20th Dec 2019
Dean's award for my students Zuzana Fílová and Róbert Selvek.
19th Dec 2019
Christmas present - new topics: intelligent patrolling, octopus robot, and robot motion visualizer.
16th Dec 2019
A tutorial on multi-agent path finding given at AI*IA 2019.
8th Nov 2019
A paper from IROS 2019 on lazy path planning for multiple robots in the publication list.
30th Oct 2019
A new paper on SMT-based MAPF at the top tier robotic conference IROS 2019.
30th Oct 2019
Never ending stream of topics - MAPFR, multi-robot motion planning (MRMP), parallel solvers, and more....
22nd Oct 2019
Lazy compilation in classical plannig - a good topic for doctoral dissertation.
17th Oct 2019
Few more topics - visualization of MAPFR and cumulative optimization.
17th Oct 2019
BDD again in a new topic - variable ordering heuristics.
11th Oct 2019
Honored to give an invited talk at the 3rd IJCAI Workshop on Multi Agent Path Finding (WoMAPF 2019).
11th Oct 2019
Senior PC member in IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 + article reviewing for RA-L and JAIR.
11th Oct 2019
A paper on continuous MAPF fron the IJCAI workshop WoMAPF 2019 listed.
25th Sep 2019
Office hours for the new semester announced.