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11th Nov 2023
A new SGS grant project awarded - scholarship money for our Ph.D. students at KAM.
15th Oct 2023
The first pictures of the RR1 robotic arm | revision 2 posted. I finished the mechanical part few days ago. Enjoy!
14th Oct 2023
New topics are coming! Mostly concerning AI for 3D-printing and 3D objects. Don't wait and secure your supervisor slot!
19th Sep 2023
Office hours for winter semester updated (changed to Wednesday).
13th Aug 2023
A new video about the RR1 robot - RR1: The Documentary - posted on my YouTube channel.
7th Aug 2023
Hackaday link posted on the front page. Check out my progress on the RR1 robot on my profile.
31st May 2023
Github and YouTube links posted on the front page. Check out new videos on the YouTube channel.
23rd Feb 2023
Always a good time for a new thesis topic: Quantum MAPF.
19th Dec 2022
Appointed full professor of informatics by the president of the Czech republic.
15th Nov 2022
Office hours for winter semester updated.
14th Sep 2022
Participating in the Vševěd 2022 competition. Want to see a spectacular presentation? Click the link...
12th Sep 2022
Our paper "Multi-agent pathfinding with mutex propagation" has been published in AIJ, joint work with Han Zhang, Jiaoyang Li, T. K. Satish Kumar, and Sven Koenig.
22nd Aug 2022
Planning in Robotics course is on-line (PI-PRO) too. Waited long too.
22nd Aug 2022
Satisfiability and Planning course is on-line (PI-SPL). Finally after a long time.
12th Aug 2022
Started Github repository for the RR1 robotic arm - after all RR1 is an open source robot.
8th Jul 2022
Want to see funny robotic videos created as part of my AI and robotics research? Subscribe to my Youtube channel.
12th Jun 2022
Finally, after finishing my full professorship (Yes, I did it!), I am doing what I always wanted to do: the robots! See the RR1 robotic arm in the new section of my web.
29th May 2022
When is the better time for new topics, if not in late May? (Kido Butai, Lazier Lazy Compilation, 1000-times Faster SMT-CBS, Multi-Drone Mapping).
28th Mar 2022
Our paper "Multi-agent pathfinding with continuous time" has been published in AIJ, joint work with Anton Andreychuk, Konstantin Yakovlev, Dor Atzmon, and Roni Stern.
28th Feb 2022
Updates in the publications list (JAIR, 2x AAAI 2021, IROS 2021, 2x ICTAI 2021, KEOD 2021).